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This podcast is passionate about creating comics and expresses an unfailing optimism for the future of comics and the desire to inspire the aspiring creator by delivering, amazing practical and actionable advice, habits, mindsets, and strategies to kickstart creativity, transform creativity into productivity, and take projects to the next level.

Who Am I?

My name is Aaron Williams, a cartoonist living in the PNW and the host and creator of Comics Manifest.

Why A Podcast?

While working on a comic project in early 2016 I discovered podcasts, I’ve heard of them before, but never really listened, I found them very interesting. Free, targeted, information lit a spark inside of me.  Naturally, I started consuming all the podcasts I could find about comics and found many that I thought interesting, the problem was that they did not update very often. most of them updated once every two weeks or once… a… ? I discovered that I loved interviews but I was more interested in the process, strategy, and habits of creators rather than hearing about where they came up with a certain plot twist or how they designed a certain character. That’s when the idea of Comics Manifest began, a podcast that provided, free, actionable, advice for up-and-coming creators, giving tips on, mindset, strategy, accountability, organization, productivity, and habits creators can adopt to kickstart their projects.

What can you expect?

Each episode of Comics Manifest is about 30 minutes long and will follow a similar structure, so you know exactly what to expect. The interview is divided into two parts, first is a series of deep diving questions where I ask our guest, how do they make a living in comics, where they tell us what it takes to generate enough revenue, giving the audience insight of what to expect from their projects and what things they should think about if they want to transform their passion for comics into a career. I then ask our guest to get a little vulnerable with us and share their worst moment on their creative journey, they share that moment, the struggles of that moment, and enlighten us on the lessons they learned and mindsets they’ve taken away from those moments. I also ask our guests what they would describe as their biggest weakness and ask them to share tips they may have for others who have a similar weakness. Then we follow that up with a five question quick round! Where I ask our guests specific questions to find out.
  • What comics should we be reading right now
  • A personal habit they have that contributes to their success
  • An app/program/tool that they would like to recommend to the listeners
  • A book recommendation and what we can learn from that book
  • And then we come to my favorite question of the quick round. I ask them if they found themselves five years in the past and they were able to say one thing to their past self before they dematerialized and returned to the present day, what would they say. I love this question because it really puts our projects, goals, and journey into perspective. Often people don’t realize just how much they can learn, accomplish, and experience in only a five-year time frame. This question really puts that into perspective and can be so powerful, inviting you to think about the future and what you would like to say to the you of today!

What is the podcast schedule?

A new episode of Comics Manifest will go live every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 3:30 AM PST. So if you have to wake up early to commute to work or if you are noodling away at your drawing board. An amazing interview with an inspiring guest will be waiting for you.

Since the show will publish three episodes a week, I’ve taken the last two months to record over 25 episodes prior to launch to make sure I have a bank of content that I can use as a buffer while I produce more amazing content for you. I’m excited to bring these conversations to you in the coming months, with extraordinary guests.

Kazu KibuishiBe your own expert, stay focused, and you’ll be alright.

Joe KeatingeKnow when to shut up and listen and shut up and        work

Eddie PittmanThere’s never any reason to give up hope, there’s always that possibility that, if you give up right now the goal that you were looking for was just around the corner.

Who is this podcast for?

This podcast is for, the creator who wants to learn more about their peers and the lessons they have learned, the aspiring creator who needs a little guidance to find how to go about their projects, the artist at their drawing table who needs some help managing their time, and the comic book fan commuting to work who imagines how life could be and what it would take if they made the commitment to transform their passion for comics into something more.

If this is you, you are the Dream Team

and you should be tuning in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to listen to an influential creator in comics, lessons they have learned that you can take with you, mindsets they use that you can adopt, and strategies they have built that you can implement into your creative process. This show will fill you up with the fuel you need to keep your passion for making comics burning.

Thank you for joining me. I am so excited about this podcast, the people who will listen, the guests I will speak with, and everything I will learn. I urge you to join me on this journey and stay connected with me and the show by signing up for the Dream Team today!

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