004: How to Kickstart Your Comics and Create the Future You Want with Tyler James

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Tyler James is a comics creator, game designer, educator, publisher, and fellow podcaster! He is the publisher and co-creator of ComixTribe, has managed eight successful Kickstarter campaigns that have collectively raised more than 160,000 dollars in funding, and is the host of the ComixLaunch Podcast; the show dedicated to revealing the mindset, strategies, and tactics you can use to successfully crowdfund your projects!


I was so pleased to have Tyler on the show with me, before starting my podcast I listened to his show ComixLaunch (a wonderful podcast if you haven’t checked it out yet, probably the best resource on using Kickstarter to publish your art, and it’s FREE) Tyler is full of insight and has dedicated himself to service and giving you value.


Episode Outline


“I think the floodgates are open and the options are out there for creators to make the industry what they want”


The Deep Dive


  • How Tyler went from selling nine comics out of his backpack at the age of 12 to over 200,000 comics distributed worldwide
  • Why Kickstarter is the answer for more diversity in comics
  • Why comics isn’t the only thing you can do to make revenue.
  • How to make conventions and festivals work for you
  • You have the resources to learn what it takes and what to do to build a career in comics
  • How you can make the future of comics what you want it to be
  • Learning from mistakes is the most important thing you can do


The Quick Round


  • A creator or creative team in comics Tyler is enjoying right now – Gabriel Ba, Favio Moon – Daytripper
  • One personal habit that contributes to Tyler’s success – Getting up early
  • Tyler’s App/Program/Tool recommendation – Workflowy
  • Tyler’s book recommendation – The Dip – Seth Godin
  • What would Tyler say to his past self – Niche down and play games only you have a chance of winning


3 Main Themes


  • Niche down deep enough so that you become the obvious choice
  • Always keep learning and finding inspiration but always keep creating
  • Learn from your mistakes


“You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t possibly live long enough to make them all yourself.” -Sam Levenson


Links and Resources



Connect with Tyler


Twitter | ComixLaunch


Thanks for listening


Thank you for joining me today. Do you have any thoughts or feedback that you would like to share? Leave a message in the comments section down below.


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Thank you, Tyler, for joining me on this episode of Comics Manifest




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