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000: Welcome to Comics Manifest

Welcome to Comics Manifest. It’s just you and me on this special episode of Comics Manifest I wanted to take a little time and do a quick introduction to the show and myself. I’m so excited about this podcast and I thank you for joining me on this journey. Get ready to FLY Dream Team!

Make Comics: 5 Books to Transform Creativity Into Productivity

if there is one thing that rings true with EVERY successful creator I’ve spoken with on Comics Manifest. It’s that they read… A LOT. These are five books that I recommend to you Dream Team, each of these books are fascinating and will be transformational for your creativity, productivity, and that oh so important thing we as artists always seem to forget… BRANDING.

Welcome to Comics Manifest

I am absolutely thrilled to have you here on This is my first post on here so allow me to welcome you by filling you in on what to expect from the show. Get Ready to FLY!