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057: Heart Is What People Are Attracted To with Taneka Stotts

Taneka Stotts is a comic book writer and editor, she is the writer of the webcomics Full Circle, Love Circuits, and the comic for Stela, Deja Brew. Taneka is also the editor of the comics Afar, Elements: Fire, and the Award-Winning “Beyond: The Queer Sci-Fi and Fantasy Comic Anthology” She also ran the successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over 75,000 dollars to Manifest the Beyond anthology into reality.

056: The Ability To Listen with Dan Jurgens

Dan Jurgens is a writer, penciller, and inker, who has worked on so many titles from DC and Marvel Comics, including Superman, Batman, Teen Titans, Captain America, and Thor. He is the creator of the character Booster Gold and is the writer of Superman: Lois and Clark, Batman Beyond, and Action Comics.

055: Building Your Team with Lucy Knisley

Lucy Knisley is an award winning, new york times best selling, cartoonist, illustrator, and teacher. Her work has been published through Marvel, Valiant, Boom Studios!, and First Second Books. She has been a guest speaker and lectured at many events including San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con, SPX, and The Toronto Comic Arts Festival. And she is the creator of the graphic novels, An Age of Innocence, Displacement, French Milk, Relish and Something New!

054: Follow Your Gut Feeling with Rui Tenreiro

Rui is an illustrator, cartoonist, and art director. His work has been featured in publications such as The Guardian, The New Yorker and The New York Times. He is also the creator of the graphic novels, The Celebration, Museum, and Lanterns of Nedzu.

053: Make A Plan with Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith is a cartoonist who has won multiple awards including 11 Harvey awards and 11 Eisner awards, He is the creator of the iconic graphic novel series BONE, the award winning graphic novel RASL and the web comic, TUKI: Save the Humans.

052: Letting Go of Attachment with Jesse Moynihan

Jesse Moynihan is a cartoonist and illustrator, He has worked as a writer and storyboard artist on the show Adventure Time, he is a winner of the Xeric grant and creator of the graphic novel, Follow Me and the webcomic series, Forming.

051: Serve The Story You Are Telling with Steve Lieber

Steve Lieber is an Eisner award winning writer and illustrator who has published work through many publishers including Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, and Oni Press on properties including Batman, Superman, Hellboy, and Star Trek. He the illustrator of the Graphic Novel Whiteout and the co-author of the book: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Creating a Graphic Novel.

050: Let You Shine Through with Der-shing Helmer

Der-shing Helmer is an illustrator and cartoonist, she is the creator of the webcomics The Meek and Mare Internum. She recently conducted a successful kickstarter campaign that raised over 115,000 dollars to manifest the printed edition of The Meek into reality.

049: Even If You Are Where You Want To Be You Need To Get Better, The Only Thing That Matters Is Making Progress with Johnnie Christmas

  Click To Tweet: Johnnie Christmas shares his journey on Comics Manifest     Networking is essential, it’s really essential   Johnnie Christmas is a cartoonist and illustrator, he is the creator of the comic Firebug and the artist and co-creator of the comic series sheltered and the graphic novel series Angel Catbird!   Episode

048: Don’t Take Advice, Invent It with Nicholas Gurewitch

Nicholas Gurewitch is a cartoonist and illustrator, he is the creator of the award winning comic strip, The Perry Bible Fellowship and the books The Perry Bible Fellowship Almanack and The Trial of Colonel Sweeto and Other Stories. He also ran a successful Kickstarter that raised over 100 thousand dollars to Manifest his book Notes on a Case of Melancholia into reality.

047: Consistency And Artistic Fulfillment with Anton Kannemeyer

Anton Kannemeyer is a comic creator and satirical fine artist. Anton is the co-founder of the Magazine Bitterkomix and the creator of Alphabet of Democracy and Pappa in Afrika.

046: Show Up With The Notion Of Service with Jerzy Drozd

Jerzy Drozd is an illustrator, Cartoonist, teaching artist, and fellow podcaster. He is the creator of the popular webcomic Boulder and Fleet, Co-Creator of the Kids Read Comics festival, and the host of many comic-centric podcasts including, Comics Are Great! , Lean Into Art, and Kid’s Comics Revolution.

045: It’s All About The Work with Ibrahim Moustafa

Ibrahim Moustafa is a comic book artist who’s work has been featured in Godzilla in Hell, Flash Season ZERO, Doctor Fate, and the Eisner-Award nominated series High Crimes. He is also the creator of the Stela comic series Jaeger.

044: You Can’t Wait For Inspiration To Strike with Jeff Parker

Jeff Parker is a writer and comic book artist of Marvel, DC, Image, Dynamite, and Darkhorse Comics, with incredible titles including Batman ’66, X-Men First Class, Aquaman, Flash Gordon, and Future Quest.

043: Commit All The Way with Christopher Sebela

Christopher Sebela is a writer of Marvel, Darkhorse, Boom! Studios, Oni Press, and Image Comics with amazing titles that include, Escape From New York, Ghost, High Crimes, Welcome Back, Heartthrob, and Demonic. Chris is also the author of the book, I Lived in A Clown Motel.