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096: It’s All About The Work with Reilly Brown

Reilly Brown, is a writer and illustrator, he is the co-creator of Power Play and Saint George: Dragon Slayer, and has worked on other titles including Deadpool, LOBO, The Amazing SpiderMan, Slapstick. And is also posting a weekly webcomic Dash Hudson : Tentacles of Trident.

095: Make Comics For Yourself with Faith Erin Hicks

Faith Erin Hicks is an award winning, New York Times best selling cartoonist and creator of the graphic novel trilogy The Nameless City, Friends with Boys, and the webcomic Demonology 101.

094: Make Drawing A Habit with Ellen Lindner

Ellen Lindner is an illustrator and cartoonist, and creator of the graphic novel Undertow, the comic series The Black Feather Falls and the editor of the Strumpet.

093: Movement and Production with Matt Kindt

Matt Kindt is an award winning, New York Times best selling writer and artist of comics including Divinity, Rai, MIND MGMT, Unity, and DEPT. H.

092: Create Your Story First with Kyle Latino

Kyle Latino is a cartoonist and illustrator and creator of the popular and extremely fun web comic The Savage Beard of SHE DWARF.

091: Separating Yourself From Your Work with Tyler Crook

Tyler Crook is an award winning illustrator, who has illustrated and co-created titles including, BPRD: Hell On Earth, Petrograd, Witchfinder and Harrow County.

090: Ideas Have A Life Span with Johnny Ryan

A Motivational Minute with Johnny Ryan. Back in episode 026 of the show I got the chance to chat with creator of Prison Pit and Angry Youth Comix, Johnny Ryan. Our conversation was far different than I thought it would be, incredibly inspiring, motivational, and dare I say… heartfelt. We got to the topic of weaknesses and if Johnny had any, this is what he said. Go to for the full episode.

089: Don’t Be Afraid To Ask with Katie Cook

Katie Cook is an illustrator and cartoonist. She is the creator of the popular webcomic GRONK: A Monster’s Story, writer for My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, and also the illustrator of the children’s book OBI-123 a sequel to her first star wars children’s book ABC-3PO.

088: Creating An Anthology with Steven Andrews

Steven Andrews is a writer and the lead editor of the Toronto Comics Anthology. A Kickstarter for volume 4 of the anthology is live now.

087: Life As An Open Minded Skeptic with Tini Howard

Tini Howard is a comic book writer and winner of the Top Cow Talent Search. She has written comics including The Skeptics, Power Rangers Pink, and Magdalena.

086: Picking Yourself Back Up with Alexis Fajardo

Alexis Fajardo is a cartoonist, illustrator, and senior editor at Schulz Studio. Alexis is the creator of the graphic novel series Kid Beowulf.

085: Attaining A State of Stillness with Marissa Louise

Marissa Louise is a comic book colorist, her work is featured in the comics Merry Men and Spell on Wheels.

084: For The Love of Books with Calista Brill

Calista Brill is a writer and executive editor at First Second books. Calista is the author of the picture books, Little Wing Learns to Fly and Tugboat Bill and the River Rescue.

083: Just Keep It Going with Michel Fiffe

Michel Fiffe is a cartoonist, creator of his own publisher COPRA press, and creator of the comics Zegas, and the popular comic series COPRA.

082: Grasp The Adventure

Motivational Minute: Grasp the Adventure! Doug TenNapel is not only an extremely productive and passionate comics creator but also a person who is dedicated to helping others create a life that is not only financially stable but fulfilling and meaningful. This is a clip from episode 011 and is one of my favorites. I hope it shakes something in you and gets you motivated and inspired to chase your dreams.