007: Balance and Positivity in Comics With Mike Maihack

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Click to tweet: Mike Maihack shares his journey and inspires the Dream Team on Comics Manifest!



The worst thing you can do is have ideas in your head and not share them     with the world.


Mike Maihack is a graphic novelist who has published work from DC comics, Scholastic, Image, and Arcaia. He is the creator of the popular webcomic Cow and Buffalo and the creator of the award-winning graphic novel series Cleopatra in Space.


It was a blast getting to chat with Mike, his positivity and optimistic outlook on life and the world is so contagious and I know after listening to our chat you will be biting at the teeth to get moving on your own projects.


Episode Outline


Mike and I had an amazing conversation, we dive into his personal journey in the world of comics, the best moments the worst moments and the mindsets you should have when working on your projects. Mike tells us to remember to enjoy our work and to do it because we want to, not just to get published or make money or what not, but because we actually want to do it.


He is an incredible person and if you haven’t checked it out, treat yourself and head on over to amazon and order up a copy of Cleopatra in Space. I hope you enjoy this episode Dream Team! Get ready to FLY! (I like to call this installment of the podcast the Zoo because you can hear my dog in the background as well as Mike’s cat, I tried to edit out the little animals as much as possible so please ‘bear’ with the animal chatter)


The Deep Dive


  • Just make comics, share your ideas with the world
  • Why the worst moments help you grow the most
  • Enjoy telling the stories that you like to tell
  • Characters in comics with an optimistic outlook on life
  • Keep working on work ethic
  • Best practices when planning your work schedule


The Quick Round


  • Creative team that Mike is enjoying right now – Ryan North and Erica Henderson – Squirrel Girl
  • A personal habit that contributes to Mike’s success – Exercise and staying healthy
  • Mike’s app/program/tool recommendation – Manga Studio and Pro-Create
  • MIke’s book recommendation – Eddie Pittman – Red’s planet
  • What would Mike say to his past self? – Don’t work so hard


Final Piece of Advice


Enjoy what you do, get your stories out there but enjoy them.


Links and Resources



Major Themes


Positivity in comics
Enjoy what you are doing
Have the courage to share your ideas with the world


Connect with Mike



Thank You For Listening


Thank you for joining me today. Any feedback that you would like to share? Leave a message in the comments section down below.


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Thank you, Mike, for joining me today on Comics Manifest.


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