073: One Year Can Make A Difference with Kelly Fitzpatrick

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Kelly Fitzpatrick joins us on the show today, so excited to have her on the show and I’ve been trying to get the chance to speak with her since episode 34 with Matt Wilson.


So during this chat, we dive into her journey and if you aren’t familiar with how she ‘broke into comics’ it’s an extremely powerful and inspiring journey. She totally transformed her life in one year and is a living example of the power of taking action.


I know that you will find this conversation extremely motivational and I hope it gives you that piece of insight or inspiration to help you take action and hopefully create a life that you love and are passionate about.


Thanks for joining me today and I hope you enjoy this conversation with Kelly Fitzpatrick!


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Comics Manifest Podcast



What you will learn in this episode


  • The mindset to take a chance and jump
  • The importance of ‘networking’ and how to connect with those doing what you want to be doing
  • The future of the industry and how we can inspire minorities to create
  • The power of Twitter
  • How you can create the best year of your life


Closing Questions


  • Personal Habit | No social life, working hard
  • Book Recommendation | War Against the Weak
  • Comic Recommendation | Shade the Changing Girl
  • What would Kelly Say | It gets better, stick with art


Closing Advice


Be a thoughtful Twitter user


Links and Resources



Connect with Kelly


| Twitter | Website | Email |

Thanks For Listening


Thank you for joining me today. Any feedback that you would like to share? Leave a message in the comments section below.


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Thank you Kelly, for joining me on this episode of Comics Manifest


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