006: Make Useful Comics With Kazu Kibuishi

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Click to tweet: Kazu Kibuishi shares his journey and inspires the Dream Team on Comics Manifest.


There is a dearth of quality all ages material in a time where we can really use it.


Kazu Kibuishi is a graphic novelist and the creator of Daisy Kutter: The Last Train, the webcomic Copper, and The New York Times Best Selling series Amulet. He is also the editor and art director of the Flight and Explorer anthologies.


I am honored to have Kazu on Comics Manifest, he is such an amazing creator and one of the most influential people in comics today. It was so nice talking with him, during the pre-interview chat we talked about our love for the Pacific North West and nature. If you haven’t checked out any of his work I urge you to go to Amazon right now and purchase book one of Amulet, don’t be surprised when you end up purchasing every other amulet volume released so far.


Episode Outline


Kazu and I had an amazing interview and talked about so many powerful topics. The two that really stood out for me is FOCUS and INTENTION. Kazu talks about how focus, is the most important thing when making good content and also to not be swept up by life and make sure that you take on projects that get you closer to your ultimate goal. Kazu drops so many amazing value bombs and I know that if you choose to you can start really thinking about your process and decide to start creating the future that you want today.


The Deep Dive


  • The balance of being a father and cartoonist
  • How all of his experiences helped him to build his workflow
  • Why becoming a cartoonist was a practical decision for Kazu
  • The key is to make useful comics
  • Would I die for this job?
  • Who needs your work and how can you service them?
  • How comics was art therapy for Kazu
  • Be clear in the decisions you make, don’t get lost taking on every project you come across
  • Make the commitment to move on
  • Figure out what you are looking to do and why you want to do that


The Quick Round


  • One creator or creative team that Kazu is loving right now | Naoki Urasawa
  • Personal habit that contributes to Kazu’s success | Focus
  • Kazu’s app/program/tool recommendation | Photoshop
  • Kazu’s book recommendation | Making Comics – Scott McCloud
  • What would Kazu say to his past self | Keep it up!



Final Piece of Advice


Figure out your own work process. Be your own expert, stay focused, and you’ll be alright


Major Themes


Who does your project serve?
Find what it is you want to do and don’t let go


Connect with Kazu



Thank you for Listening


Thank you for joining me today. Any feedback that you would like to share? Leave a message in the comments section down below.


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Thank you Kazu for joining me today on Comics Manifest.


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