076: Never Be Afraid To Make A Mistake with George O’Connor

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George O’Connor joins us on the show today. He is an award winning NYT best selling cartoonist and creator of his 12-book long graphic novel series (!) Olympians.


The latest installment of the series (book 9) Artemis: Wild Goddess of The Hunt is out now, so be sure to pick that up. And, during our conversation George drops value bomb after value bomb, we talk about his journey his mindset, how he developed as a creator and the secret to success as a comics creator.


Some of the questions I ask:


  • What do you think it was that kept you drawing, when most kids seem to stop?
  • After you achieve your dream, what’s next?
  • How do you deal with early success?


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Comics Manifest Podcast



What you will learn


  • Your dream is attainable
  • The secret to making progress as a cartoonist
  • How to deal with early success
  • Knowing how to stay hungry to accomplish your goal
  • The biggest lesson that George’s parents taught him


Closing Questions


  • Personal Habit | Drawing
  • Book Recommendation | Lost Book of the Odyssey
  • Comic Recommendation | Love and Rockets
  • What would he say to his younger self? | DUDE! Bigfoot exists!


Closing Piece of Advice


Draw frequently, draw fast, and never be afraid to make a mistake.


Links and Resources



Connect with George


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