003: SPACE-MULLET! and Perseverance with Daniel Warren Johnson

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Daniel Warren Johnson is a freelance illustrator and comics artist who has worked with Darkhorse, Marvel, and Image comics with amazing titles that include The Ghost Fleet, Alabaster: the good: the bad: and the bird, and is the creator of the series Space-Mullet.


Dan’s interview  was spectacular, the night before his book SPACE-MULLET! vol 1 hit store shelves. He was up all night signing copies of the book but was kind enough to talk with me in the early morning hours. Dan is passionate about comics and his work is inspiring. Dream Team, I challenge you to read SPACE-MULLET vol 1 and not want to read more.


Episode Outline


“You know what? Screw ’em all if they’re gonna cancel us then we’re gonna go out with a bang!”


The Deep Dive


  • How putting your work online for free led to opportunity
  • Future projects
  • Dan’s worst moment and what he learned from that experience
  • How SPACE-MULLET! kept Dan in comics
  • Why you should separate yourself from your work and not stress about how it looks
  • How Dan’s love of the medium outweighs the downsides of the business
  • Why you should stop seeking perfection


Quick Round



3 Main Themes


  • Walk the tightrope of making comics: balance the desire to make progress and having fun
  • Perfection is an illusion
  • Enjoy what you are creating


Links and Resources Mentioned



Connect with Dan


Twitter | SPACE-MULLET! | Instagram | Website


Thank you for listening

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Thank you, Dan, for joining me on this episode of Comics Manifest.


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