065: You Are Not Unique with Chris Grady

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It will surprise you just how nice people actually are.


Chris Grady is a cartoonist and teacher. He is the creator of the webcomic Lunarbaboon and also ran 2 successful Kickstarter campaigns to manifest his books Lunarbaboon volume 1 and Lunarbaboon volume 2 into reality.


Episode Outline


Chris Grady joins us today for a very exciting episode. This one I found very special, we learn about Chris’s project Lunarbaboon. I don’t want to spoil it but it’s a beautiful story and teaches a really important lesson that I’ve been slowly trying to implement into my own life.


Create something that is beneficial/positive/inspiring to you and others will love it. You are not unique.


Chris also dives into the puzzle creators all want to solve… Facebook. Sure, I know some of you say pshh Facebook isn’t my thing. But, there is no doubt that Facebook is the LARGEST social media platform in the world and as a cartoonist who wants to be discovered you’d be crazy not to want to connect with that audience.


Chris shares a few steps that you can take to connect with Facebook on a deeper way.


Lots of inspiration in this one so get ready for an exciting ride with the Lunarbaboon.


Deep Dive


  • Did you know that this project was going to explode?
  • Why did you start making comics?
  • How did you build an audience
  • Tips for connecting with you audience
  • Facebook a Lunarbaboon primer
  • Social Media is not that bad
  • Connect with other creators
  • Make a comic everyday


Quick Round


  • Creator Chris is loving right now |
  • Personal habit | Making comics all the time
  • App/Tool recommendation | Pen and Paper
  • Book recommendation |
  • What would Chris say |


Closing Advice


Be nice, it goes a long way.


Links and Resources



Connect with Chris


| Twitter | Facebook | Email |


Thanks For Listening


Thank you for joining me today. Any feedback that you would like to share? Leave a message in the comments section below.


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Thank you David, for joining me on this episode of Comics Manifest


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