098: Identity and True Grit with Andres Vera Martinez

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This is an incredible episode, we have an amazing creator on the podcast today. Cartoonist and illustrator Andres Vera Martinez.


Andres is the co-creator of the graphic novels, Babe Ruth: Before They Were Famous and Little White Duck.


During this interview I ask Andres about his experience creating Little White Duck with his wife, how he found art as a passion, and Andres also shares with us his early relationship with education and how his bias towards education changed in one moment.


This is a powerful Dream Team and I hope it serves you. So get excited for Episode 098 with Andres Vera Martinez!



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What you will learn


  • How Andres discovered that art could be a career
  • Growing up different
  • Why it’s important for people to connect to heroes and protagonists
  • Telling the stories you like to tell
  • The power of being in a state of certainty
  • The one trait that is fundamentally important in being successful in the arts


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