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Comics Manifest is a podcast that interviews amazing and influential creators in comics. Guests share their creative journey, express what excites them today, share their worst creative moment and most memorable successes. The show aims to inspire, giving you the insight and inspiration to take your comics projects to the next level.

     We are in a new golden age of comics the best part is, it's only the beginning. Today is the best time to be a cartoonist. It is so much easier to be seen and build a following. I want this podcast to be a resource that will inspire you, teach you, and prepare you to find what you need to start, work on, and finish your comics projects. I've interviewed so many creators and they all have powerful and actionable tips you can use to take your projects to the next level and build a career in the industry. Subscribe to Comics Manifest and get ready to get inspired!


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Aaron Williams


Aaron Williams is a certified holistic health coach, cartoonist, and podcaster.He is the host and creator of the Comics Manifest podcast and dedicated to inspiring creators to make comics and tell their stories.

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