105: The Healthy Obsession with Dave Chisholm

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An Obsession To Create


Over 100 interviews and their is one string that connect all creators together, this need, obsession to create things. Whether its a comic, piece of music, animation, podcast, video, movie, it seems like in order to take your passion to the next level you need to be fully saturated and obsess over it.


Today’s guest Dave Chisholm is a musician and cartoonist and talks all about his journeys through the worlds of comics and music, the similarities and differences between those two worlds and how healthy obsession between both music and comics converged into his mixed media project, Instrumental.


Instrumental is a graphic novel plus soundtrack all about Dave’s two passions, music and comics. Dave holds a doctorate in Jazz Trumpet and has such an interested perspective on creativity, music, originality, and self worth, topics that he explores in his amazing graphic novel.


Dave has such an incredible journey to share to get ready and be sure to let Dave know you enjoyed this episode. Also some of Dave’s music was used to score this episode so be sure to check out his project and get his Graphic Novel and original sound track today.


Comics Manifest episode 105 with Dave Chisholm, here we go!


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Comics Manifest Podcast



What you will learn


  • The difference between competition and inspiration
  • How obsession can lead you to success
  • The artists life
  • Teaching what you love


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Connect with Dave


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Music Attributions

Dave Chisholm

Instrumental Graphic Novel Soundtrack


George Street Shuffle Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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