074: Make A Decision And Take A Chance

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Motivational Minute: Make A Decision and Take A Chance!


So many of us want to pursue our passions, but so few of us actually do. Why does this happen?


After interviewing over 90 people in the comics industry, I’ve realized that the difference between success and always seeking for success is one decision and one mindset behind that decision.


During this quick installment of the podcast, I’ll be diving deep into this specific idea of taking a chance.


It’s hard to pursue your passions, fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of what others may thing, fear of whatever, seems to stop so many people from chasing their dreams.


I feature clips from Episode 006 with Kazu Kibuishi and Episode 073 with Kelly Fitzpatrick, during our interviews, Kazu and Kelly share that transition moment and the reason why they made that decision.


If you are at a transition in your life, feeling unfulfilled, and you want to make a change. I think that what Kazu and Kelly share and what we dive into during this episode will give you that little piece of insight to derive strength and motivation from a situation that may right now seem crippling.


I hope this message gets you motivated to take action! Be sure to share it with your friends and let’s go out there and manifest our DREAMS!


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