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Hello Dream Team! Aaron Williams here, this is a different kind of show today. Today I want to take a little time to introduce myself and the podcast to you. Comics Manifest is a show that interviews amazing and influential creators in comics. Through the course of the interview, they share their creative journey, the lessons they have learned, the habits they have adopted, and best practices they use, to create amazing work.


ComicsManifestListenWhat’s the schedule?

Comics Manifest is a three day a week podcast with a new episode airing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 3:30 am pst. So whether you are on your commute to work, at your drawing table, at the gym, or on a jog, an inspirational interview will be waiting for you.


What’s the format?


The podcast is split up into two parts, first I will ask a series of deep diving question and then follow that up with a five question quick round. During the interview, I’ll ask the guest to share their creative journey.


The Deep Dive


First, they talk about what they are currently doing in comics today. Telling us about various projects they are working on and what new exciting things we can expect from them.


Then they share what they would describe as the worst moment on their creative journey to date. Our guests take us there with them in that moment and tell us about a low point on their journey, what they felt, how they thought, and most importantly how they overcame that low point. Telling us the takeaways and lessons learned from that worst moment.


I then ask them to tell us what they look forward to the most in comics. Our guest tells us how they think the future looks like and what content they hope to see in the future.


They tell us about a weakness they have and what they are doing to help or address that weakness.


Finally, they share their greatest strength and give us actionable tips that we can use to make that strength our own as well.


The Quick Round


After these deep diving questions, we go into the quick round: a series of five questions that are designed to deliver more golden nuggets of insight and inspiration to help keep us motivated and excited to take our projects to the next level.


  1. A creator or creative team in comics that they are loving right now
  2. To reveal a personal habit that contributes to their success
  3. To give us an app/program/tool that we can use and streamline our projects
  4. A book recommendation full of value that they believe can make you a better creator
  5. Finally, I ask, if they found themselves five years in the past and they were able to say one thing to their past self before they dematerialize and return to the present day… what would they say?


A little bit about myself


Hello, my name is Aaron Williams: a comics creator, holistic health coach, host, and creator of Comics Manifest. In early 2016 I made the decision to finally start making comics, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do so I began working on a project. I discovered podcasts while working on my comics and I loved listening to them, especially podcasts that are focused on comics. There are so many amazing podcasts to choose from, but I was more interested in the process of making comics and especially what other creators do when making comics, habits they have, mindsets, time management advice. I couldn’t find that resource so I decided to make it.


Why comics?


I love comics, they have always been a part of my life and right now is an exciting time for the industry. I strongly believe that comics have taken the first steps into a new Renaissance. Furthermore, comics stories are being translated into successful films, comics have been accepted by mainstream media, and that stigma around reading comics has finally started to disappear.
As a result, the stories being told have become so diverse in all aspects. Diversity in creators, Diversity in Stories, and Diversity in Delivery. I believe that with more diversity and more amazing content, the comics industry can’t lose. That’s why I created this podcast, I want to give creators the platform to inspire new creators. I hope these episodes keep you motivated and give you the advice and insight to take your projects to the next level.


Who is this show for?


You should listen to this podcast and become a member of the dream team if you are:
  1. Currently making comics.
  2. Interested in making comics.
  3. Interested in the medium and listening to the journey and experiences of your favorite creators.
The insight that my guests share is priceless and the tips they provide are so inspirational. I guarantee that listening to Comics Manifest and hearing Doug TenNapel talk about work ethic, Jake Parker’s worst creative moment, or finding out what book Kazu Kibuishi thinks is most valuable for creators will light that spark and keep your passion for making comics burning.


I love comics and I’m dedicated to spreading the word and if you are interested in making comics, come to comicsmanifest.com and listen to the show. Finally, I want you to know, that I believe in you and remember that you have the power to manifest your dreams into reality.


Get ready to FLY!


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